Prodigal Roasters is a bunch of coffee lovers wanting to bring the best of their craft to the neighbourhood.  Prodigal Roasters was established based on the love story of the Father and how generous the Father is towards His son. Touched by His extravagant love, we aim to always serve the best to our customers.

The Prodigal Roasters team is led by Glen & Jared, two buddies passionate about good coffee. Glen is the founder Prodigal Roasters (and the former Prodigal Cafe), a local coffee joint well known for tasty coffee and sour dough bakes kneaded with love; Jared is the founder of Gather the Misfits, a highly instagrammable drink and dessert cafe that provides people with a platform to host small events.

Together, they want to create a brand that celebrates the small and good things in life - a place that is warm and inviting enough for people to have good conversations over good food.